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by WhypDancer

Royal Pains (in the Butt) :

All canes in the Royal Pains Collection are excellent for beginners, or  those wanting to create or expand their cane collection with high quality, moderately priced, evil additions. The canes here in the Royal Pains Collection are between 26 & 33" long, oiled, sanded, & decorated by hand.

Canes4pain... as wicked as they are beautiful.
 All Canes4pain® rattan canes hold a lifetime guarantee against breakage, no matter where they appear on the Canes4pain.com website.  And now, it is easy to shop with your      MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover using the secure shopping cart system.

Gift Certificates are now available on
the Specials page of Canes4pain

The NEW Fusion Set

This set has a great selection of canes! It will give you a very wide range of sensations!
The set comes with a 7mm, 9mm, 11mm and one of our very popular Bamboo Birch Rods, in your choice of Lipstick Red or Purple.  These are all full-sized canes, ranging in lengths from 24" for the Birch Rod, to 28-36" for the straight canes.
Fusion set of canes from Canes4pain  Red Fusion Set Canes from Canes4Pain 
The Birch Rods gives a lot of sting, but don't damage the skin, and has approximately 50 lashes.  With the inluded rubber band near the tips, it is an exquisite thud, perfect for massage or warming the skin. Wound down, this has a lot of sting.  It is a VERY versatile and much-loved implement.  The 7mm cane can be a stinging little bastard, depending on how it is used. It can be used pretty much anywhere on the body, without doing damage.  It gives a lot of sting and can make lovely raised welts. The 9mm is the *classic* rattan cane size, in my opinion!  They have a luscious combination of sting and burn.  the 11mm cane is more "serious" with more impact on delivery. They are dense and quite nasty when used with finesse.  Both the 9 and 11mm will make stripes very nicely. 

Fusion Set 145.00   
ONLY the set's 11mm, 45.00:

Now available in eight colors!
 The textured handle of the Glossy Canes gives a sure grip, and the high gloss coating makes these insertable handles easy to clean with your favorite cleaning products.
A new color- PINK- has been added.

Glossy Handled Canes

Now available in eight colors, with three thicknesses in each. Also available are matching Multi-Strand Rattan Birch Rods & extra large canes- 13 & 16mm thick!

If you are new to canes, I advise starting out with two or three canes of different thicknesses so you be able to get a wide range of sensations. The different thicknesses of canes give very different feels in regard to sting or thud, and the ability to welt and bruise varies too. Usually, the thinner the cane, the more sting. The thicker canes are more on the thuddy side.

9mm Red Glossy Canes and the classic cane stripes that a 9mm will create.
I feel that 9mm canes have the perfect combination of sting & burn!

**NEW** PINK Glossy Handled Canes!

With the drop-down boxes below, please choose your desired width, and color- red, black, purple, hunter green, burgundy, royal blue, pink or copper. Feel free to also give me guidance whether you prefer a cane better for purple stripes, or one that is better for pinky/red stripes or welts. These are of moderate length with most 7mm canes around 26" long, and 9 and 10mm falling between 28 and 33 inches long. 
If you need them shorter for travel, etc, no problem- email me your request.

Glossy Canes: $30.00  &

Your choice of three widths, in each of eight colors! 
Black, Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Pink, Burgundy, Hunter Green, Copper

Goddess Phoenix of Atlanta with a 9mm Black Glossy Cane in the DomCon Atlanta dungeon at Club 1763

Canes4pain in the Butt Set
for many years of enjoyment.

This cane set includes one of each (from left)
in your choice of 5 colors. All are available separately on this page.

9mm Twisted Loopy Cane  (5/16" thick x 24")
10mm Twisted Loopy Cane (3/8" x 35")
13mm Straight Cane (1/2"x42")
16mm Straight Cane (3/4"x 44")
10.5mm Straight Cane (3/8" thick, length 30-35")
9mm Straight Cane (5/16"x 29-33")
7mm Straight Cane (1/4"x 26-30")
20 Lash Rattan Birch Rod (23-25" long)

These are the color choices for the Canes4pain® in the Butt Collection:

In order, from left:  Black, Red, Purple
(other colors available by special request)

 Pains in the Butt Collection:  $345
Select Color:

13mm (1/2"+)  x 42
(pictured above in Set)
Available in Black, Red, Purple, Royal Blue
(other colors available by request)

13mm (1/2"+) x 42" and
16mm (3/4") x 44

(pictured above in Set)
Available in Black, Red, Purple, Royal Blue
(other colors available by request)

13mm" (1/2"+) x 42":  $55.00  

16mm (3/4") x 44":  $65.00     


Twisted Loopy Canes

Mistress Ella Strictland & her 9mm Twisted Loopy Cane

Above, Our Twisted Loopy Canes, in the hands of Lady Charlotte of The Netherlands, were used to make the flower design that won first place in the 2009 OWK Best Whipped Ass Competition!

 Twisted Loopy Canes will add fun to your life.
Long enough to retain the flexibility of a cane, they are great for "painting" bottoms with flower designs, butterflies, and smiley faces on various areas of the body. They feel like getting hit by two canes at once.

7mm (1/4inch) Twisted Loopy:  $45.00  7mmtwist
9mm (5/16inch) Twisted Loopy: $55.00  9mmtwist
10.5mm (3/8") Twisted Loopy: $65.00  10mmtwist

Rattan Butt Beater

A ton of sting packed into an
easy-to-transport beater!

The feel of these is surprisingly intense! It has the sting of a 7mm rattan cane, but with more intensity because of the added weight caused by the twisted design. They are compact and easy to carry in a purse or toy bag.
These Rattan Butt Beaters are a compact 14" long, and the "face" is approximately 5"x6", making them perfect for up close and personal work.
Guaranteed to get an "ouch"!

Rattan Butt Beater: $40.00  

 Rattan Birch Rods
blwide0.jpg (20684 bytes)

These multiple-strand canes are like numerous thin, whippy stinging canes, all hitting at once. They are the great for lovers of sting- especially on those delicate body parts.

When swung, the rattan lashes spread, making the most lovely patterns of red stripes. They do not inflict *deep* welts... it is more like surface welts, and thin red stripes and little dots where the tips dig in.  Even though the "damage" is not deep, these thin canes have a ton of sting! They really give a wide range of feelings, from a soft percussive massage, to sting, and burn, and even thud if you keep them tied together at the tips.   Almost everybody is delighted with these.

They do need some special care, just like Birch Rods used for punishment in the schools of olden days, they need to be soaked in water for 30 minutes before use, **if you are using them hard**. This makes them very flexible and protects the tips. It also adds more weight and and even more sting to the strike.

When wet, the little bit of water on the skin (because of the lashes being moist from the soak) feels chilled when the air from the next strike hits it, like when you softly blow on moist skin. Then the lashes hit the skin, which stings and burns. Combined with the coolness of the water, it gives a very unique, contrasting feel between hot and cold, pain and pleasure, and well, you get the idea...

All are nice and whippy, and approximately 23 inches long.  All rattan lashes within the Birch Rod are the same length, so they fan out nicely right before they bite.

15 Lash Rattan Birch Rods
Red & Black  or  Purple & Black

birchrodred&blacktips.jpg (47112 bytes)
     blkpurpbirch.jpg (8202 bytes)
Fifteen lashes, tipped with two layers of black, then purple or red. These perfectly compliment the Glossy Canes above.

Rattan Birch Rod, 15 Lash: $55.00
  Rattan Birch Rods temporarily out of stock, as of 4/20/2017.  Will return soon!

birchrodred&black.jpg (14294 bytes) This is the handle style for all but the Black and Blue 30 Lash.

20 Lash Black Rattan Birch Rod

abatip.jpg (10928 bytes)
Twenty tips for lots of sting and burn, finished with a black, rubber/latex coating, which also coats the handle for a good grip.

Black Rattan Birch Rod, 20 Lash: $45.00

temporarily out of stock, as of 4/20/2017.  Will return soon!

birchrodred&black.jpg (14294 bytes)
Handle style for 15 & 20 Lash Rattan Birch Rod

blwide0.jpg (20684 bytes)

Questions? Contact me at WhypDancer@Canes4pain.com
or whypdancer@aol.com

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