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by WhypDancer

The Grand Dukes

TNT (Thick and Thuddy):
aka Thumper Canes

Yes, canes CAN be thuddy, without sting!
 If thud is your thing, these are for you!  All are one inch thick rattan. Because of the size, they are not flexible, but have a *wonderful*  vibration when struck against each other. The bark of the rattan is left on these, and is in its natural, unsanded state. These have a lot of character... each clearly shows its joints and various textures from when it was growing.  If you prefer a smooth, flawless texture, please make another selection.

TNT (Thick 'N Thuddy) Thumper Canes.
They are all one inch thick, and around 36" inches long. There is some variance in the thickness, as they are thicker at one end than the other. They do not have the bark removed. Each has a very interesting and individual surface texture.. the joints are apparent in the rattan, as are any minor imperfections from when they were growing.

TNT Canes Burned

TNT Leopard Canes

TNT Canes' Burned & Leopard designs are NOT painted or stained.  I BURN these designs into the rattan myself.  The marks & patterns will not come off with use.  Each is a beautiful individual-- no two are alike!

TNT, Bare: $45.00  
TNT Cane, scorched: $60.00 
Leopard TNT:  $75.00   

Questions? Contact me at WhypDancer@canes4pain.com

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