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by WhypDancer

Cane Gallery

 These canes are no longer available.  If you see a design, piece, or part of one you like, feel free to inquire to see if i have anything similar in the works. I do accept custom orders depending on my schedule. Feel free to inquire.

Award winning actress Jessica Lange holding a Canes4pain cane on
TV show American Horror Story: Asylum, season 2. Twenty four Canes4pain canes were used in this show.

4cane.jpg (11941 bytes)      greekcameo.jpg (8160 bytes)

4ms.jpg (23251 bytes)

This four cane set was designed with
hand woven rattan, vintage cameos and 14k Gold wire accents.

This Sterling Silver and black leather cane was commissioned by a customer, to commemorate Black Rose's 20th anniversary. December 2007

This Sterling Silver cane handle was commissioned by a customer to commemorate Black Rose's BR2008 event.



It took several months to complete. It features an adaptation of the Black Rose logo's classic rosebud with its stem and thorns on two of the three sides, and BR2008 event logo on the top, all using the nearly lost art of chasing and repousse. The hinged top lifts up to reveal a space to store rose scented material. The top is designed with small holes for the scent to emanate out to the surrounding environment.  I have included images of the two logos it is modeled after. 

Completed Dec, 2011.  Sterling silver rose is 5.5" across, and 5" high.
Almost six ounces of sterling silver sheet hammered and raised to form it.  Four briolette cut citrines form the stamens in the center of the rose.  It took three years to create.






125 faceted labradorite gemstones set between two bands of hand-turned twisted sterling silver, form a swirl of delightful flash & color as wind around this ten inch long handle.  The Sky Cane is topped by a stunning one inch tall faceted labradorite stone, captured in place by decorative sterling and pure silver collars. There is another collar at the handle's base, which forms a great thumb rest along with the 3/8" oval cabochon stone.



lionlapiscaneccu.jpg (54869 bytes)

lionlapiscanews.jpg (36204 bytes)

lionlapiscanethumb.jpg (21805 bytes)  lionlapiscanetopccu.jpg (34609 bytes)

lionlapiscanesidews.jpg (14591 bytes)




Sterling Rose Cane



Gargoyle with Sapphire Eyes


Gorgeous Green Malachite!


Black & Blue!





 Scary Monster Face with
Wartenburg Wheel



Love Cane

Limited edition of six canes with 4-5ct red/pink faceted Topaz Hearts, set in an intricately detailed swirl of Sterling Silver.


Garnet Elegance




Sterling Rose Cane



Sterling Dragon with Whip
dragon cane

dragon cane from canes4pain

dragon cane from canes4pain

dragon cane from canes4pain



The Lapis Rose

Lapis Lazuli






This sterling silver dragon has spines!  Topped by SEVEN Wattenberg pinwheels, this is guaranteed to create an unforgettable experienced each time it dances over flesh.


An opulent design! Designed abundantly with over 225 lush green malachite gems surrounded by ornate sterling silver




Crystal Moon
rainbow moonstone cane canes4pain


Thundering Tiger





Moonstone & Swarovski


Amethyst Goddess








Oriental Garnet & Silver Cane Set



Pearls accenting flowers made of hand carved mother of pearl and conch shells, with sterling silver accents. 



A double cane for twice the fun!

The elegance of moonbeams is captured in this fine one of a kind cane. A sterling silver winged woman lounges on the moon, which sits atop a planet of platinum druzy. This is a double cane. A 9mm and a 10.5 mm together~ the two travel at the same speed to give a very special sting on impact!

Pele's Mace

Faceted peridot gemstones, sterling and pure silver, and jade combine in a spectacular cane.  Nineteen faceted gemstones with richly sparkling hues of spring green all set in ornate sterling silver, on a magnificent length of 9mm rattan. 




Winter Holiday 2009
Numbered Limited Edition

Hundreds of garnet gemstones, pure and sterling silver, and a tingling bell on top combine to make this a very special limited edition series.


Smiling Pinwheel Cane





Kneeling Submissive with Whip






Ocean Dream

Sterling Dragon
with Marcasite and Quartz


Sterling Monster Face with
Wartenburg Wheel



The Hand Carved Dragons

dragonballcane.jpg (54389 bytes)

dragonball7.jpg (119176 bytes)    dragonballcane4.jpg (79570 bytes)    dragonballcane6.jpg (78484 bytes)

dragonballcanefacecccu.jpg (19537 bytes)

dragoncanesws2.jpg (42744 bytes)

dragonhandcanerear2.jpg (56060 bytes) dragonhandcane7.jpg (48930 bytes) dragonhand5.jpg (77644 bytes)

   dragonhand1.jpg (32635 bytes)

dragonballcaneautogrph.jpg (18067 bytes) 




Sterling Devil Cane


a spectacular cane in sterling silver, quartz, and rattan.





Feathers, Sterling Silver, and Amethysts from 2002

Pinwheel Dragon




Coral Rose







garnetopccu.jpg (14145 bytes)


Valentines Day, 2006




dragonswordcufront.jpg (55048 bytes)

Antique Sterling Chased and Repousse cane

  <<click thumbnail to see high resolution photo


Garnet & Quartz



Antique Sterling & Mother of Pearl Cane


Jingle Bells







Valentines Day 2007 Loopy Cane



tearmalacanews.jpg (16214 bytes)


TNT Canes

Thick 'n thuddy


Lapis Swirl Cane

lapisswirlcanews.jpg (13761 bytes)

lapisswirlcanethumb.jpg (20210 bytes)                

lapisswirlcanews2.jpg (14028 bytes)

Rose Quartz Cane

rosequartzcanebraid2.jpg (56332 bytes)

rosequartzcanebraid.jpg (29716 bytes)

This cane uses 16 strands of Sterling Silver braided together the whole way down the handle.

rosequartzcanews1.jpg (21853 bytes)

No longer available--
***If you see this spectacular one of a kind cane anywhere, please contact me, WhypDancer@canes4pain.com  immediately***

Real Opals set in Sterling Silver





Amethyst Cane with Sterling Pommel

vinepom3amecu.jpg (17069 bytes)

amethytextop.jpg (16618 bytes)

vinepom3amews.jpg (7335 bytes)




sqmalacanecu.jpg (48425 bytes)

sqmalacanews.jpg (19809 bytes)

sqmalacanethumb.jpg (20205 bytes)

                        dms.JPG (16702 bytes)

"Tinkerbell" in Sterling Silver and rare vintage Swarovski Crystal.










Peridot Cane

Chained (Moonstone)


Black & Blue















Kinky Tiger


Ocean Waves



bluegoddessccu.jpg (51722 bytes)

bluegoddessws.jpg (15947 bytes)

bluegoddesscu.jpg (43292 bytes)

DragonCanespellbindershead.jpg (40542 bytes)




swarovccu.jpg (23520 bytes)

swarovms.jpg (20508 bytes)


scorpioncaneccu.jpg (45279 bytes)

whtigercucane.jpg (35590 bytes)

whtigerwscane.jpg (24360 bytes)

   eaglecanecu.jpg (35034 bytes)





valmainebay.jpg (103538 bytes)

heart.jpg (10863 bytes)    love.jpg (16792 bytes)   

Limited edition series of 10 signed, numbered canes for Valentines Day, 2003. All metal is Sterling Silver, and each is accented with approximately 3 carats total weight of Amethyst gemstones.

Moonstone Sun Cane

moonstone.jpg (14807 bytes)


 Crystal Heart Cane

  This is a limited edition of ten canes, created for Valentines Day, 2004. This beautifully designed cane has a 1/4" heart shaped faceted royal purple Swarovski crystal mounted on silver. The cane is topped with a Sterling Silver etched ball, with fine silver (99% pure silver) trim.






        Garnet Love & Tears Cane

              Very limited edition of five canes, created for Valentines Day, 2004. A path of sterling silver surrounds over 100 round garnet gemstones that wind their way up the handle, for a comfortable, sure grip. The Love & Tears Cane is topped by four tear drop shaped gems, set in intricately designed sterling silver.





Sterling Flower



Lapis Dragon Cane





The Phoenix


Black Pearl Cane

pearlcanetopcu.jpg (71569 bytes)

pearlcanews.jpg (18738 bytes)

pearlcaneccu.jpg (14692 bytes)

 Triple Lapis Cane



Amethyst Trio



Starry Nights



Moonstone and Sterling Silver

moonstonecu.jpg (11198 bytes)

Very Violet Cane

Amethyst Ball

Hand-fabricated jingling sterling silver ball atop a burning 10mm rattan cane.





Kinky Tiger


Ocean Waves



Whip Wizard


  wizardcu.jpg (21560 bytes)   

wizbeadcu.jpg (11999 bytes)

wizardms.jpg (42608 bytes)

Red Dragon Cane



marcasiteccu.jpg (19883 bytes)

Marcasite & Amethyst Cane

Large Amethysts set in and accented with Sterling Silver

amethy120ws.jpg (6883 bytes)

        Dec03104.JPG (9385 bytes)            

This cane with a Sterling Silver Pommel now resides at OWK in Chekoslavakia. (www.owk.cz)

       cameo.jpg (10999 bytes)           

I obtained several of these vintage, hand-carved cameos from a jewelry manufacturing plant in New England that closed, after over 100 years of operation. I have not been able to find out the age of these. I have more available, if you would like something made with one as a special order, please let me know. The cameo is 1 inch tall, and 3/4 inch wide. I love the scene depicted on it. Both figures are nude and nicely detailed.

   amems.JPG (11938 bytes)    

Sterling Silver and many Amethyst Gemstones

     1.jpg (10770 bytes)

       bgccu.JPG (12203 bytes)

bgms2.jpg (8141 bytes)


mossfairycanecu.jpg (67537 bytes)

dragon2.jpg (12688 bytes)

Sterling Silver Dragon, topped with 2" tall Swarovski Crystal Prism










dichrorainccu.jpg (46586 bytes)

Feb26_60.jpg (65747 bytes)

tearmalacanethumb.jpg (10597 bytes)

geodecu2.jpg (12618 bytes)

Carnelian Geode Slice set in gold filigree.


greenms31.JPG (15010 bytes)

Gold wire wrapped for entire handle, with gold overlays and Crystal.

Questions? Contact me at WhypDancer@canes4pain.com


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